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Brad Kotowich
Senior Associate of Covalency Coaching & Consulting
President & Principal of Focused Leadership Group 

My Purpose

  • Create leadership, culture, and strategic results for organizations and leaders

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Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational and individual leadership training/coaching with companies across all sectors/sizes

  • Strategic planning and corporate capacity building for business

  • Sustainability Planning with Non-profit organizations

  • Governance roles and limitations with Non-profit Boards

  • Individual, team and organizational personality profiling (Tendencies: A Personality Perspective)

  • Accountability and Performance Measurement with a focus on purpose/outcomes

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Engaging and humorous professional development & conference speaker/facilitator

  • Organizational structure efficiencies & workforce classification

  • Executive Leadership recruitment for existing clientele

Education, Certifications & Training

  • Certified Executive Coach - Opposite Strengths

  • Creator & Co-Founder of Tendencies: A Personality Perspective 

  • Banf Centre for Leadership - Several Extended Courses  

  • Trained Facilitator

  • Trained in Conflict Resolution

  • Bachelor of Arts & Science, University of Lethbridge


  • 25+ years of experience consulting with organizations from all industries, sectors, and sizes  

  • 25+ years of experience in leadership and organizational training and coaching

  • 25+ years as a professional speaker and facilitator of professional development workshops and conferences

  • Founded Focused Leadership Group Ltd. in 2004

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