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Chantel Butt, CCMP, CEC, PCC - Founder & CEO

My Purpose

  • Create spaces where people can learn and grow

  • Enable individuals to grow into the expanded version of themselves, align to their personal values, and fully embrace opportunities in a healthy way

  • Guide organizations through transformation with a focus on results realization using an structured adoption approach based on organizational and individual change cycles  

  • Support organizations as a strategic leader of change, a facilitator for employee and leadership development, and a coach for professionals, leaders, and executives 


We are experiencing a major disruptive period in the professional industry:

  • Professional norms within the workplace are changing

  • Professionals are re-evaluating how their personal values are aligned to their current role

  • Organizations need to stay ahead of the pace of change to survive, however, the workforce is self-reporting that they do not have the capacity to maintain the pace of change 

  • Leaders are concerned they do not have the skills needed to lead through future changes

The pace of change within an organization cannot be predicted, but what can be influenced is how professionals interact within a dynamic and changing organization.  My work supports leaders, teams, and organizations to be able to:

  • Make critical decisions and take purposeful actions

  • Develop behaviour competencies to lead one's self and others

  • Navigate barriers to development and change

  • Move through both organizational and personal change in a healthy way


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CCMP Badge.png
PROSCI Badge.png


  • 25+ years working with non-profit, government, and private industries (technology, utilities, construction, telecommunications/call centre, real estate and property development, and financial institutions)

  • 25+ years of practical functional experience (customer service, regulatory affairs, operational functions, technical writing & communications, employee development & technical training, change management, project management, and executive support)

  • 15+ years planning and executing strategic enterprise level change, including creating multi-year strategies to launch new lines of business, systems/applications, digital transformations, and acquisitions/mergers/ divestitures 

  • 15+ years leadership experience at multiple levels (frontline, mid-level, senior leadership)

  • 10+ years of facilitation experience related to leadership and team development, change management, and basic neuroscience 

  • 10+ years as a mentor and leadership coach

  • IDEO U Global Leadership Coach

  • IDEO U Global Leadership Teaching Assistant 

  • Monark Facilitator

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