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Coaching & Consulting  Services

We can help you through:

  • Assessments & Debriefs

  • Coaching Engagements 

  • Board/CEO/Executive/Senior Leadership Candidate Evaluation & Integration Coaching

  • People & Culture/HR Consulting


Each service focuses on supporting professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations to meet the pace of change and continual growth by developing behavioural competencies and skills.

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1 | Assessments & Debriefs 

For professionals, leaders, and executives:

  • Assessment to identify professional strengths and growth edges and compare to high performers in similar industries, positions, and leadership levels

  • Debrief session to discuss assessment results and create development goals & actions 

  • Wide range of assessment tools available

2 | Coaching Engagements 

For professionals, leaders, and executives for 3-1months: 

  • Documented development goals and metrics to measure the success of the coaching term​ 

  • Assessment to identify strengths and growth edges and compare to high performers in similar industries, positions, and leadership levels

  • Regular one-on-one coaching sessions to identify purposeful actions to meet development goals

  • Leadership 360 assessments to measure progress 

  • A sustainment coaching plan to integrate learning and continue development past the coaching term

  • Wide range of assessment tools available

3 | Board, CEO, Executive & Senior Leadership Candidate Evaluation & Integration Coaching 

Partnering with organizations to evaluate candidates for Board, CEO, Executive, and Senior Leadership positions and successfully integrate them into their new role:

  • Consultation with the organization to fully define the leadership style, capabilities, and cultural fit required for the specific leadership positions 

  • Assessment tools to identify leadership style, capabilities, growth edges, and strengths of candidates 

  • Debrief sessions to the organization with reporting on the selected candidates​ 

  • Regular one-on-one coaching services for selected candidates to create and execute an integration plan to establish themselves within their new role

  • Wide range of assessment tools available

4 | People & Culture Consulting 

For organizations who need strategic support to meet People & Culture/HR objectives:

  • Apply a systematic process to evaluate the current state, identify opportunities, create a three-year vision, map out a one-year plan, and facilitate delivery with your internal teams.

  • Includes: DEIB (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/ Belonging), Compensation & Total Rewards, Workforce Planning & Succession Planning, Benefits Programs, Organizational Design, Physical/Mental Health & Wellness, Hybrid & Remote Work Programs, HR Software & Analytics, Performance Management, Career Transition, Board Governance, Sustainability Planning, Mediation, ESG, Neurodiversity, and LGB2Q Leadership



One-on-one coaching services are based on the Excelerator Coaching Model from Essential Impact, taught through the Graduate Program for Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University, and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 


The Excelerator Coaching Model is used by a coach to:

  • Engage You – Establish rapport, build a connection, and create a safe place for you to learn and grow.

  • Enlighten You – Use questions and feedback to fully understand hurdles.

  • Empower You – Explore barriers and find a solution together.

  • Set You Up to Excel – Hold you accountable to identify and commit to action and celebrate accomplishments.

  • Set You Up to Evolve – Acknowledge the transformation that you have achieved and set you up for long term success.

Covalency Coaching and Consulting commits to the Internal Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics and the responsibility as a coach to clients, the coaching practice and performance, professionalism, and society.  You can trust Covalency Coaching and Consulting to create a safe space within a coaching session and keep all discussion strictly confidential (with the exception of topics of self harm, harm of others, or unlawful activity).

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