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Jessica Heafey CEC, ACC
Senior Associate of Covalency Coaching & Consulting

My Purpose

  • To support leaders to create inclusive work environments that enable their teams to thrive and furthers their own development as a leader 

  • To partner with professionals to develop both creative and business focused strategies to create sustainable personal change and forward momentum  

  • Support organizations as a leadership development consultant and coach for professionals, leaders, and executives 

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I believe that organizations, leaders, and professionals can become the next best version of themselves by using both creative and business focused strategies to enable growth.  By leveraging my own experience as an actress and coach, I support organizations and individuals to gain clarity and focus around what is possible, and transform those possibilities into reality.  The language and goals within each industry can change, but the types of internal and external roadblocks don't change - and by focusing on intentional and simple strategies, you can navigate disruption successfully.  

My work supports leaders, teams, and organizations to be able to:

  • Create inclusive work environments that celebrate internal and external diversity, organizational diversity, and worldwide diversity 

  • Unleash the power of teamwork by leveraging points of connection, trust, and relationships to achieve targets

  • Become more intentional with leadership development and growth to ensure all levels of leaders are prepared to navigate and capitalize on change

  • Understand that change takes sustained effort and growth involves various phases of discomfort and vulnerability - but the rewards are well worth the effort  




  • 20+ years of experience as a coach and facilitator focused on inclusive work environments and leadership development  

  • 20+ years working with non-profit, government agencies, and private industries (financial institutions, healthcare, law, communications and marketing, entrepreneurial businesses)

  • Experience as a theatrical actress in film and television 

  • Affiliated with the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television & Radio Artists 

  • Fluent in English and French

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