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Don McNeill

Chantel is a leader and coach for today’s world.  Intuitive, insightful, caring and provocative.  I have had the pleasure of working closely with Chantel for several years and observed her to be able to align, inspire and motivate large groups of people across a dynamic and diverse organization. S he is equally powerful in evolving highly functional and effective leaders. If you are looking for a coach and/or transformation agent with a proven track record for getting things done, you could do no better than Chantel.

Amanda Radakovitch

I worked with Chantel during a time in my career where I was experiencing a lot of transition. Our regular coaching sessions provided me with a sounding board for my concerns and challenges, an alternative perspective(s) to view each situation, and a relationship that was based on trust and mutual respect. Chantel’s coaching skills, combined with her background in behavioural science, helped me to better understand my behaviours and patterns while providing actionable goals for me to work towards. Whether you are new to a role, in a role transition, or are struggling to determine what’s next, I would highly recommend Chantel.

I had the privilege of working closely with Chantel on a complex technology program for over 2 years. A solution oriented and people focused professional, Chantel was a critical partner throughout the journey in delivering significant change to both internal and external clients. From strategic development to tactical execution and delivery across multiple areas and disciplines, Chantel’s collaborative approach and effective communication helped ensure alignment and understanding across the program. I would not hesitate to recommend Chantel to any program, group, or organization looking to deliver change effectively.

Stacy Schmidt


Having Chantel as my coach has allowed me to stay rooted in a growth mindset and break through so many limiting beliefs. After each session, I've built more confidence within myself to keep moving forward by leveraging a new toolset or updating my approach to a perceived roadblock. It has been totally invaluable to be able to tap into her knowledge and perspectives rooted in neuroscience and level up my own personal leadership style. I know I wouldn't have been able to be so successful so soon with our sessions! 

Allan Rib

Chantel is an example of what leading change should look like.  When presented with ambiguous, complex and difficult situations, she creates detailed, organized, realistic people focused strategies, which have allowed our staff and clients to be able to adopt changes.  She is always thinking on what is best for our customers and our employees from both a corporate objective point of view but also providing weight to the emotional side of us as people.  I would highly recommend working with her in any change your organization is planning.

Chantel is a passionate coach who creates a comfortable pattern in her session so people come to know what to expect and can realize the results they seek. She holds herself and clients accountable to outcomes so that growth is definite. Her ability to strike the right balance between imparting knowledge and listening allows well-rounded perspectives to inform challenges people are facing.


Adam Skoreyko

Chantel really opened my eyes to the immediate value and impact that a seasoned OCM practitioner can bring to a large-scale project through her ability to tackle complex issues in both a strategic and tactical manner. Chantel repeatedly demonstrated her ability to add value and became a trusted partner and go-to for all manner of project issues and deliverables. Chantel's ability to not only bring an expertly-honed OCM lens to an issue but also apply real-world business-relevant logic proved consistently to be the difference-maker in the outcome of any engagement. All of this combined with her persistent, positive, can-do attitude made working closely with Chantel an absolute pleasure and I knew I could rely on her whenever needed.

Jessica J.

Chantel has been instrumental in my education of change management. Her coaching methodology is thought-provoking, insightful, and science-based. She is a master at reframing my muddled or confusing thoughts in a way that adds meaning, direction, and purpose. I can’t express enough how valuable Chantel’s coaching is. All I can say is that you need her in your life!

I worked with Chantel as part of the change management team on a large digital banking project. Chantel is a fantastic leader; she inspires trust which encourages her teams to be creative, innovative, and accountable. Chantel has a tremendous ability to connect with people and to understand what matters to them. She brings a strength of vision to her work that pays dividends for her projects and the teams she leads. As an executive coach Chantel applies her leadership skills, vision, and ability to connect to help others to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Robert Johnstone

Patrick Remo

Chantel is a dynamo! She has been and continues to be instrumental to my successful journeys in life and at work. She will bring out learnings about yourself through her effective consultative and empathy-drive approach. At the end of every session, you’ll find yourself empowered and inspired to take on whatever journey you choose.

Rahim Dharshi

Chantel is amazing at helping you find a key insight or a-ha moment. I appreciate how a great question or providing guidance through multiple schools of thought helped me think differently and structure my thoughts to enable me to find a path forward.

Working with Chantel as my coach for the past two years has been transformative. We have been focusing on Leadership Development as I stepped into a new role, and I’m confident that I would not be the leader that I am today had it not been for Chantel’s coaching and expertise. Chantel uses the perfect balance of non-directive coaching techniques and mentorship in order to align our coaching sessions with tangible, inspired actions that I walk away with. 

Sam Whenham

Shawn O.

Chantel is that rare leader who makes you realize that warmth, emotional intelligence, and an almost superhuman ability to focus on detail are not mutually exclusive attributes. She models a leadership style that any organization would be blessed to recreate in its ranks. She should be coaching you and your team.

Dino Noce, Noce Consulting Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of working with Chantel for over two years on a digital transformation program. During that time, she brought her unique values and strengths to this program as our change management and communications lead. Her “People First” approach is inherent in all she does, and is not compromised, even under intense deadlines. Chantel works to a high personal standard, a standard which helped to drive the successful outcomes of the program. I have been privileged to work along side her.

Chantel is a master of her craft. She is thoughtful, decisive, organized and is superb at influencing positive change adoption in complex organizations. Chantel easily earns the trust of her peers, and is an advocate for trying new ways of doing things to achieve success. Plus, she's awesome to work with! 

Angela Saveraux

Francis Ho

Chantel is the best.  You will win with her.  Full Stop.

Beth Timmers

Working with Chantel was a wonderful and positive experience! Chantel coached me through a big career transition from the non-profit sector into the public service. She helped me learn from the experience at my previous job and prepare for my new one in a way that aligns with my values. I greatly appreciate her approach that mixes cutting-edge science with compassion.

Working with Chantel is an absolute delight.  She is insightful, impactful, and asks a lot of questions to build a big-picture view of projects and programs she is working on.  She is empathetic and helps teams move forward in challenging change landscapes.  She seamlessly moves from conversations at the executive level to conversations with individual contributors.  

Chantel is one of my favourite leaders/coaches I have had during my career and I would not hesitate to work with her again!

Scott Sharp

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