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We can help your organization lead through the disruption of growth and change through Change Adoption Services (change management). 


What sets us apart is that we teach and coach organizations with the intention to build change management knowledge and skills within the organization.  That way, organizations can build change leadership abilities in-house and respond quicker to future strategic changes.    

1 | Change Adoption Services

For organizations planning enterprise wide change (i.e. digital transformations, acquisitions/mergers/ divestitures, and business-wide transformations for systems, processes, people and technology)


  • Completion of change management processes (based on the ACMP's Global Standard of Change Management)

  • Consultation sessions to identify: current and future state, adoption metrics, and change impacts

  • An enterprise level change management strategy

  • Training and coaching of an organization’s resources/change team to execute the strategy 

  • Leadership coaching on how to support leader's transition within the change plus employee transition

  • A sustainment plan to sustain the change post go-live to fully obtain all benefits

Also includes facilitated courses to build an organization’s change capability:

  • Your Brain on Change 1-day course – Increase knowledge and capability of employees with managing change 

  • Strategic Change Leadership 1-day course – Identify leadership actions to support teams through change 

  • Strategic Change Sponsorship 1-day course – Clarify the role of effective executives & senior leaders and identify actions to support the organizational change

  • Strategic Change Management Planning & Execution 2-day course – Increase knowledge and capability of organizational teams to plan and execute change 



Organizational Change Adoption Services are based on the global Standard of Change Management developed Association of Change Management Professionals.

Covalency Coaching and Consulting commits to the Association of Change Management Professional's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, focusing on a duty of honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, advancing the change management discipline, and supporting other change practitioners.

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